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What does Semi-Private mean?

The Semi-Private proxies are for those who love but want Twitter, Craigslist, some voting site, Bing, Amazon etc! There are a ton of domains that didn't work and will now for the same price. The 2 products are not meant to compete with each other, at all! Hence the same pricing.
It's an alternative for customers that use software that won't work with the others. Like smartphone emulators. It really rounds out our offering.
You pick 1 domain and you, and only you can access it through that proxy. All other users will be blocked. The rest of the internet is accessible for everyone! So if you semi-share a proxy and you got Twitter and he got Facebook; you 2 can't reach each others websites but you guys both do have access to the rest of the web.
Pick a package at and give them a spin!

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  • 12-Apr-2016